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Best Kids Loft Beds – Reviewed


Best Kids Loft Beds – Reviewed

How To Choose The Best Kids Loft Bed

Bunk beds are the best way to give your kids a playful and safe environment and to keep them busy. And seriously, it is fun watching them play, plus you (especially mothers) get some time to do other things. So are you planning to get a loft bed or bunk bed for your little champs?
Well, that’s a good idea, but do know how to select the best product out of so many available in the market? We have constructed a list of the top three kids loft beds with reviews on each. Additionally, we have made a simple criteria to look at for when purchasing a children’s loft bed.

The Donco Kids Twin Tree House Loft Bed

The Donco Kids Twin Tree House Loft Bed is crafted for maximum adventure and comfort. 100% pine wood construction with additional steel reinforcement, and lead free, non-toxic enamel paint coating makes sure your kids are safe on any of the adventures they encounter. Donco twin tree Kids Bunk comes in a stunning Tree House design with rustic sand touch, makes your kids feel as if they in a Tree House of their own. The ladder gives easy access to the top bunk, enclosed by the wood grill to give full safety while your kids are playing in the Tree House. Under bed storage drawers that fits perfectly under the loft to increase the storage space. The Donco Kids Twin Tree House Loft Bed is CPSIA compliant and certified by ASTM as well.

• Classic tree house design.
• Strong and sturdy built with pine wood and steel reinforcement.
• Centrally located ladder.
• With one window on each side.
• Lead free, non-toxic enamel coating.
• Enough storage space.
• Spacious.
• Open left side.
• Rustic sand color.
• Suitable for ages 3 and above.
• Dimensions: 70 x 39 x 87 Inches.

• High quality eco-friendly material, with no harmful effects.
• Tree house design.
• Enough room for kids and their soft-toys.

• Not colourful for some children’s taste

This is one of our favourite kids loft beds due to its classic tree house design made with 100% pine wood, making it one of the leading competitors in comparison to other bunk beds for sale in this price range.

Donco Kids twin size Loft Bed with tent and Slide

Decorate your kids room with stylish and entertaining Donco Kids twin size Loft Bed with tent and Slide. This donco bed comes with a slat-kits and slide. The mini slide makes waking up a fun when they can out of bed on the slide in the morning. What gives this product an edge over the others is the under bed tent that gives storage space to store their soft-toys and creative play options. The under bed tent can suit the best purpose of kid’s own mini play house. The solid pine wood body with the integrated slide and ladder gives it a very long life with a strong and sturdy body. The surface is well protected from wear with the durable wax finish coating, which further makes it easy to clean if required.

• Twin size
• Integrated slat-kits and slide which makes it fun.
• Under-bed tent provides storage to keep the room well organized and encourages creative play.
• Pine wood body.
• Durable wax coating that protects wear.
• Recommended for ages 4 and above.
• Detachable ladder.
• Dimensions: 43.25 x 41.25 x 78 Inches.
• Available in more than 7 different colors.

• Very affordable, Fits into every budget.
• Twin size ensures maximum space.
• Under the bed tent is the newest feature.
• Detachable ladder.
• Strong and Durable.

• None.

The slide on this bed makes it one of our top picks, also the storage/play area beneath the bed makes it perfect for entertaining your child.

Donco Kids Louvered Low Loft with Blue Tent, Twin

The Donco Kids Louvered Low Loft is one of the best twin louvered low loft beds. The added benefit of this bed is that it provides a large open play area under it or storage area which can be hidden by the fabric of the tent to make the room look neat and clean. The frame of the bed is made up of Brazilian pine wood and the finishing is done with a dark cappuccino stain. A very good feature of this bed is that it comes with an additional slide which makes waking up the kids a lot more easy and fun! The location of the slide is left side facing. The slide is made of composite wood and it is removable as well. The bed includes guardrails. The bed needs to be assembled and there is no trundle bed included with the bed. The company also provides a warranty of 1year on this bed.

• Strong and sturdy built with Brazilian and composite wood.
• It comes with guardrails.
• Left facing slide.
• It includes slat system.
• It is eco-friendly.
• It provides under-bed storage.
• It provides bult-in outlets and ladder.
• Open left side.
• Wood Tone: Dark wood
• Bed finish: Dark cappuccino
• Bed size: Twin

• High quality Wood
• The bed has rounded edges to protect children.
• Under-bed play and storage area available

• Bed setup is difficult

This perfect Donco Kids loft bed is in one of our top picks due to its storage and under-bed play area and well thought out safety for children with guard rails and rounded edges.

Overall Verdict

Donco Kids twin size Loft Bed with tent and Slide is clearly the winner in this list. With the newest and best features in an affordable price range, the product has been the top selling and best rated among the customers. The features and quality you get with Donco Kids twin size Loft Bed is far better than any other brands in the market. CPSIA certification with lead free, non-toxic enamel coating, and color options are the factors that have already gained a lot of happy customers for the company.

Donco Trading Co is family owned furniture business, which has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years for its high quality furniture. They offer a huge range of products and are most popular for their bunkbeds and platform beds. They specialize in youth furniture, which makes them the leader of the market. The best thing about the Donco Trading Co. is their affordable price range, you don’t have to compromise on quality plus their products fits into every budget.

Points To Remember When Ordering A Kids Loft Bed

1. Height:
You don’t want any accidents to happen, make sure you don’t buy a bed with too much of the height. Every valuable inch added, adds to the risks of some getting hurt. The ceiling of some houses is also very low, so make sure you check the dimensions of the assembled unit very carefully to avoid any issues. Keep the height to a minimal.

2. Mattress:
• When it comes to the safety of your loved ones, each and every detail matters. However many people don’t know that when we talk about low loft or bunk beds the mattress is a matter of serious concern.
• The mattress must not be very thick, it reduces the under bed space. You don’t want your kids to bump into the ceiling of the bed every morning. Same goes for the bunk bed, make sure the grill/rails are at least 10-12 inches above the mattress. Use high quality thin mattress.
• One more important thing is, don’t use a spring mattress. Try to get a foam mattress, the reason behind not using a spring mattress is that it is bouncy where as foam is not, and this is very important when your kid is sleeping at a height. Also one thing is for sure is that your kids will definitely jump and bounce on the bed, so in order to prevent any unwanted situations use a mattress that is not bouncy at all.

3. Size:
The size of the bed bunk matters a lot, your kids will grow up very quickly you have to make sure the bunks you have just bought don’t become useless. Buy a size that is big enough to accommodate at least 2 kids and their soft-toys.

4. Construction:
The most important feature to look about is the construction of the bunk bed or the low loft. While ordering a bunk bed make sure its built with high quality solid wood material with the steel reinforcement to give it more strength. Check for the CPSIA certification, to ensure the quality of the product you are about to buy. The best preferred material for bunks and low lofts is MDF or solid pine wood, and added steel reinforcement is a bonus.

5. Colorful:
When buying anything for kids the colors and attractiveness remain the top priority. Make sure you don’t buy the beds which have have dull colours. Choose bright and vibrant colors that go well with your home decor. The best way is to take an opinion from your kid and buy the color he/she likes.

6. Affordable:
There are a lot of low lofts available with the price ranging from $200 to $500. As a customer, you may buy any of the beds according to your budget. Set your priority and choose accordingly and give your kids the best they deserve.

Note : Never buy a product with any lead contents,any form of lead contents is harmful for kids.

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