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Top Three LEGO Disney Princess Toy Sets For 5-12 Year Olds


Top Three LEGO Disney Princess Toy Sets For 5-12 Year Olds

Why LEGO and why a Princess Castle project?

LEGO has become a childhood sensation that many children have grown to love over 85 years. The fantastic thing about LEGO is that it enables your child to learn through play, this is known as structured block play, where the child looks at a blueprint and constructs a project. In this case your child would look at the instruction set provided by LEGO and make a LEGO princess castle or LEGO princess palace. It is tough tasks to select the perfect princess toy with various, price ranges, construction difficulty levels and preferences of your child’s favourite Disney characters. That’s why we have constructed a review of our top 3 picks of Disney Princess toys that we think your child would love!

LEGO Disney Princess Cinderella’s Romantic Castle

This 624-piece LEGO Cinderella castle set resembles Cinderella’s Romantic Castle. The kit comes complete with Cinderella, Prince Charming, Lucifer the dog and Bruno the dog. The variety of accessories that come along with this set, means your child will have plenty of playtimes once it’s built. The 10 features include a variety of items such as Cinderella’s enchanted shoe, a love letter and a tiara. These different items will also help your child use their imagination to take part in different methods of play. This being one of the larger more premium LEGO castles means we recommend that you sit with your child during construction to aid with the process and help make the building process a learning one when going through the instructions. The set takes a 6 year old roughly 2-3 hours to construct with the aid of an adult.

• Customizable stickers provided to customise the castle
• Comes complete with numerous accessories
• Amazing attention to detail
• Playability is not limited to construction of castle

• Small parts create frustration

This is one of our favourite LEGO princess castles; it is in the premium range of LEGO princess products. We recommend the LEGO Disney Princess Cinderella Romantic Castle due to the vast number of accessories that come with the kit, this means your child will not loose interest in the castle after its constructed.

LEGO Disney Princess Belle’s Enchanted Castle

This 374-piece LEGO Enchanted Castle is a perfect for any child that loves Beauty and the Beast. The construction time makes it great for a younger child or for a starter new to princess LEGO kits, taking around 1 hour to construct. This kit includes many of the popular characters from Beauty and the Beast such as, Belle, Beast, Lumiere, the Duster, the Wardrobe, the chef/oven, Chip and Mrs Potts. This is one of our picks for this top three due to how interactive this castle is after being built from the drawers that close and open, the castle gates, a dancing platform for Belle and the Beast and even a secret room! This means that there is plenty for your child to play with following construction of the castle.
Unlike other kits, Belle’s Enchanted Castle does not need such demanding help from a parent.

• Easy for a child to construct without help
• Secret room and other interactive sections
• Adorable and super detailed design
• Customizable stickers provided

• Castle size is fairly small

The LEGO Disney Princess Belle’s Enchanted Castle is a perfect start set for anyone looking to get into LEGO princess kits. Despite this set being small, it provides a lot of playtime due to the moveable parts and accessories such as the gate and dancing stage.

LEGO Disney Princess Jasmine’s Exotic Palace

Jasmine’s exotic palace is a fantastic set in the Disney Princess LEGO line, this is one of the smaller kits to choose from containing only 143 pieces. However, you can always still play with princess Jasmine and her cute pet tiger Rajah that is included. The variety of accessories such as the magic lamp, stool, snake complete with a basket and flute provides a fun experience for your child to explore Jasmines exotic LEGO palace. The many different stickers included allow your child to decorate the palace to their desire. The many small pieces can be too much hassle if not organised correctly, however with the help of some small plastic bags this piece is easy to construct!

• Very simple and easy to construct
• Adorable and super detailed design
• Customizable stickers provided

• Castle size is very small
• Many small businesses are frustrating to deal with

This is the perfect princess toy for a child just getting into LEGO or a child of a younger age, due to the simplicity of putting this kit together. The kit although the smallest of our three reviewed packs a punch in terms of its playability, that’s why we have put it in our top 3. The kit includes multiple accessories for your child to use after Jasmines Exotic LEGO castle is built.

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